Empower and equip your clients

Software for Pinnacle

Rubicon keeps your team connected with a system of tools designed to support Pinnacle.

Empower and equip your clients

Software for Pinnacle

Rubicon keeps your team connected with a system of tools designed to support Pinnacle.

Rubicon’s Powerful Tools Include

Meeting Management

Enhanced meeting management with in-app timer, note taking feature, and meeting recap recordings for review.

Scoreboard & Measureables

Weekly and monthly data entry allows you to track each team’s scoreboard with ease and share measurables.

Fast Rocks

See your Rock completion at a glance and delegate milestones to team members 7 days before your milestone is due, if not completed it becomes a to-do.


Organize your team’s action items to see what is past due, and overtime you will be able to see what has not been completed on time.


View topics for your team anytime, and easily create an issue out of any item — with the original item’s detail.

Conclude & Recap

End each meeting by reviewing to-do’s, cascading messages and send a meeting recap email which will be saved in past meetings.

Organizational Chart

Create a clear way for your people to see their roles/responsibilities, and how they are measured with descriptions for each.

Strategic Vision & Execution Plan

What are you working on this quarter? A Strategic Vision and Execution Plan that allows you to have a shared vision of the future and what needs to happen right now.


Instantly set up and review a direct report by the connected Rocks, Organizational Chart, and Strategic Vision for the quarterly conversations and annual reviews.

Trusted by Pinnacle

They don’t just give these badges to anyone…Rubicon is the trusted partner of Pinnacle.

Pinnacle badge

"I LOVE Rubicon. It creates visibility, clarity, accountability, and action. It's one thing to have a strategic plan. It's another to have clear roles, communication, priorities, and structure in ONE place. If you run a business operating system, use Rubicon."

Preston True, Pinnacle Guides

What can Rubicon + Pinnacle do for you?



Get every team member aligned with your vision and goals.

Help team members gain clarity, get time back and grow together.

Improve your meetings and focus on the right priorities.


Why is rubicon better than The Pinnacle App?

According to The Pinnacle App, their tools are still in development or in testing stages. Our customized pinnacle dashboard is in production and ready for you to jump in and start using. 

What's the pricing for Pinnacle's Rubicon?

*Coaches are free!

The first 25 users or clients are $14/user per month, and price breaks per user occur 25+.

  • Users 1-25 are $14/user
  • Users 26 – 75 are $9/user
  • Users 75+ are $5/user

Have over 100 users? Contact us for enterprise pricing.

Do Pinnacle coaches and clients get a free 30-day trial?

Sure do! When you create your account, your clients will receive 30 days free. Coaches receive a free account. No credit card is required to create an account.

What are the onboarding and set-up fees?

Zero dollars! Already have your tools built out? Send them to us and we will load them into an account free of charge.

Is coach access to Rubicon free?

Yes! Coaching accounts are free. We want you to have the access you need to lead your clients to success.

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